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Bite type hose fittings
Bite type hose fittings

Bite type hose fittings


Bite type hose fittings overview

The Bite type hose fittings is composed of a joint body, a ferrule and a nut. When the ferrule and the nut sleeve are inserted into the joint body of the hose, when the nut is tightened, the outer side of the front end of the ferrule fits the taper surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the hose to form an effective seal.


Bite type hose fittings classification

Bite type copper pipe joint, ferrule type hose joint, ferrule type pneumatic joint, ferrule type steel pipe joint, ferrule type hydraulic pipe joint, ferrule type straight joint


Bite type hose fittings working principle

The working principle of the ferrule joint is to insert the hose into the ferrule, lock it with the ferrule nut, resist the ferrule, and cut into the tube to seal. It does not need to be welded when it is connected with steel pipes, which is good for fireproofing, explosion-proof and high-altitude operations, and can eliminate the disadvantages caused by inadvertent welding. Therefore, it is a relatively advanced connector in the pipeline of automatic control systems such as refining, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and the like. Suitable for medium, oil, gas, water and other pipe connections.


Bite type hose fittings advantages

The ferrule type hose joint has the characteristics of firm connection, high pressure resistance, temperature resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, and safe and reliable work.



Bite type hose fittings standard

Manufacturing standard: GB3733.1~3765-83


Nominal pressure: 25MPa--40MPa

Applicable temperature: ≤450°C

Applicable medium: non-corrosive or corrosive medium such as oil, water and gas

Manufacturing materials: 304 316 20#

Piping: ordinary grade precision seamless steel pipe of Φ4~Φ42

Taper pipe thread: ZG, G, NPT, etc.

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Metric internal thread 24° cone with O-ring light series ISO 12151-2 DIN 3865

Bite type hose connector, Bite type hose connector standard



45° metric ferrule straight tube DIN 2353

Bite type hose fitting, ferrule type right angle pipe joint



45° metric internal thread spherical surface

Bite type right angle pipe joint, single bite type fittings



45° GB metric internal thread 74° outer cone surface Reference REF.GB/T9065.1

Bite type threading pipe joint, bite type fittings



90° metric internal thread plane Reference REF GB/T 9065.3

Bite type hydraulic fittings, ferrule type pipe joint



45° American SAE internal thread 90° inner cone SAE J513

Bite type hydraulic hose fittings, ferrule type pipe joint



American JIC external thread 74 ° inner cone

Bite type fittings, ferrule joint principle



90° American short JIC internal thread 74° inner cone SAE J514

Bite type straight hose fittings, ferrule end joint