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What Are the Applications of PTFE Tube in Engineering?

Aug. 13, 2019

Many people who have touched this aspect for the first time do not understand this aspect. They think that the PTFE tube has no effect on the project. This kind of cognition is wrong. Let Professional Hose Manufacturer introduce it below.

1. All prefabricated work is carried out at the bridgehead and pushed onto the bridge section by section, without the need for heavy gravity and long-distance transportation;

2. There is no need to establish scaffolding in the bridge hole, so as not to be affected by the flow and traffic under the bridge; temporary steel truss piers must be added only when the span of the porous bridge exceeds 60 meters, and these Steel trusses can be removed and recycled; As long as a large hole spans a river or a valley, although its span is as large as one hundred and several tens of meters, it is still possible not to set a temporary pier in the large hole ;

PTFE Hose Price

PTFE Hose Price

3. The friction coefficient of PTFE Hose Price is very small, only between 2% and 5%. It only needs several hundred tons of top thrust for the tens of tons of bridges. The PTFE board although there are losses, the total construction cost is low;

4. The construction period is generally not affected by floods and drifting ice. The construction progress is easy to grasp, and the total progress of the right and wrong can be the too small resolution of the bridgehead prefabrication site. If the short section of 4 To 5 meters can be developed to dozens The long section of the meter can greatly accelerate the construction progress.

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