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Summary Of The Reasons For Oil Leakage Of High Pressure Hose Joints

Mar. 25, 2019

High-pressure Hose Joints often encounter oil leakage during reuse. This is a common problem in the industry. How can we quickly investigate the cause for normal operation? 

As a Professional Hose Manufacturer, let us summarize a few reasons:

1. First of all, I think of the aging problem of the sealing ring. The aging of the sealing ring is used throughout the year to cause oil leakage and replace the new sealing ring in time;

2. The quality problem of the sealing ring, the elasticity is poor, the elastic variable is small, (the compression variable is generally between 0.4-0.7MM) or the size does not match, the size is too large or too small, the groove is too deep or too shallow, and the replacement is timely this matching seal.

3. Installation problems, no alignment during the installation process, resulting in overcutting, uneven pressure, and uncompacted seals, timely adjustment can be solved.

In short, no matter what causes the oil leakage, we must first check the aging, deformation, damage and elastic roughness of the High-pressure Hose Joints , so as to better adjust and replace the problem.

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