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Hose Specification And Purchasing Method

Apr. 11, 2019

As a Professional Hose Manufacturer, let's introduce Concrete Conveying Hose.

What are the hose specifications?

On the basis of the inner diameter of the hose is 4 mm, and the corresponding perimeter of the outer diameter is 6 mm. On this basis, every 1 mm increase in the perimeter of the inner diameter will increase the appropriate length, as shown in The table below. And with the increase of the circumference of the hose, the tolerance of the hose, the weight of the tension state, the minimum bending radius, the minimum radial load and the minimum tensile strength will continue to increase. Range of hose is minimum 4 mm and maximum 26 mm. When purchasing, we need to choose the appropriate size according to the use.

Selection and Purchase of Hose

1. First of all, the effect of knitting from the outside of the hose is better without filament folding and breaking. To observe the interlacing of hoses, if the tighter the hose, the better the quality. This is mainly through the aperture between the Layers and the thighs. If the aperture is small, the density is high.

2. Generally speaking, stainless steel hose is better, corrosion resistance will be stronger. When we detect the stainless steel brand, we usually use special identification potion. If we detect the 304 brand, this hose is more upscale.

Concrete Conveying Hose

3. In addition to the above two points, we also need to look at the material and quality of other components of the hose. It is better to ensure that the nuts and cores used are all copper fittings, which are better quality. In addition, we also need to look at the steel sleeve, to see whether its material belongs To the 304 model, and then to see its stamping effect, to see whether it will be rough. Anyway, in any case, the material used in hoses must be of good quality and high technology.

At the inlet of the Concrete Conveying Hose, we can sniff it slightly to see if it will emit a pungent taste. If the pungent taste is higher, the smaller the glue content of the inner tube is, and vice versa. The higher the glue content of the inner tube, the better its quality, the stronger its relative pulling force and blasting capacity; if the glue content of the inner tube is less, the worse the quality is.

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