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Three Different Connection Modes Of Rubber Hose Joints

Mar. 06, 2019

There are many kinds of Industrial Rubber Hose joints, different characteristics have different classifications, some are from the shape, some are from the material, and most of the distinguishing methods are based on the connection mode. Generally, we can be divided into: Flanged Rubber hose joints, clamp rubber hose joints and thread-fastened rubber hose joints. Each of the three kinds of rubber hose joints has its own characteristics. Different connections are installed correctly in different installation areas and modes to achieve the best results.

Flanged rubber hose joint is the most commonly used. In this life where there are flanges in the pipeline, in general, the installation of the inside of the pipeline is flanged installation, so the flanged rubber hose joint is the most common. When it is connected, only the holes of the flange are relative to each other, and then the corresponding bolts and nuts are used to tighten the sword. Diagonal tightening, if tightened one by one, there will be unlimited installation and sealing performance damage.

Hoop type rubber hose joint, this kind of rubber hose joint is used in some simple pipeline connection, this connection only needs the clamps at both ends of the sphere to be firmly attached to the two pipelines connected. Simple connection is his unique feature, but there are also some shortcomings. When installing the clamp type rubber hose joint, we need to pay attention to whether the clamps at both ends are safe or not. If necessary, one clamp can be added into two, one can tighten itself and the pipeline, and the other can make the sealing better.

Button-connected rubber hose joint, this kind of rubber hose joint is mostly used in some finer pipes of fans, the connection of the thread is a complicated connection, but the matters needing attention are relatively few, just need to check whether the structure of the two ends of the thread is extremely compact when twisting the wire can not be completely sealed with both ends, this kind of High Pressure Multipurpose Hose joint. The head will be better in sealing and pressure, and most of the reason comes from the environment in the area where it is installed.

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