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How to Use the Hydraulic High Pressure Hose?

Sep. 09, 2019

Pulling high-pressure Hydraulic Hose is a kind of common high-pressure hydraulic hose. In order to ensure the safety of drawing high-pressure hydraulic hose, the following small series will give you a brief introduction to the correct use of high-pressure hydraulic hose:

1. Before using the high-pressure hydraulic hose, it must be evenly applied with the soap liquid to draw the surface of the high-pressure hydraulic hose. It can not extract the high-pressure hydraulic hose and the concrete, and it can be lubricated during drawing. Greatly improve the number of repeated use of high-pressure hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic High Pressure Hose

Hydraulic High Pressure Hose

2. Installation: Firstly, the steel hinge wire is inserted into the inner hole of the drawing tube to avoid deformation and deformation when the concrete is poured. Then, the Hydraulic High Pressure Hose drawn with the soap liquid is inserted into the pre-stressed hole position and fixed in the correct position by the fixing ring. The spacing of the fixing ring is controlled by the hanging, generally about 500 mm. Pull out the high-pressure hydraulic hose. When connecting, use a thin iron or PVC pipe (vertically cut open) to pull the ends of the Hydraulic Rubber Hoses for one and a half or two weeks, hold it with iron wire, and then seal the PVC pipe with adhesive tape. Ok, so as not to enter the mortar.

3. Extraction: After the concrete is initially set, it can be drawn out. When drawing, the steel hinge line is first drawn out, and then the hoist is used to draw the steel with a uniform force.

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